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Princeton Applied Research 160 Boxcar Integrator
« on: June 04, 2021, 08:48:50 pm »
Well, GAS has become my way of life; a late entrant to the TEA society. Does anyone here have any info on this beautiful looking piece of equipment - the PAR 160 boxcar integrator? Those 10 turn potentiometers... ah, so cool! I have been using lock-in amplifiers for a while now and seeing this available, I decided I must have it as it complements the lock-in amp in some ways. The only problem, I can't find any manuals online, user or service. I did get a manual for the PAR 162 which is a modular system, but this one is a completely integrated single channel unit.

No magic smoke when turned on, internal DC voltages all look good. Found one burnt out bulb which I am going to replace. Contacted Ameteksi who now own PAR, waiting for a response. If there are any boxcar integrator fanatics familiar with this unit, I would love to hear from you. Even better if you have access to any manuals that I could copy and return. Thanks.

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