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Probe into probes. What's up?

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yes the ground terminal on the opposite face of the probe body which accepts a standard Tektronix ground lead.


Right, so I am wondering if it makes sense to use the ground ring of the tip , instead of the long ground lead.
I guess there is a merit to do this if you use the probe in single ended mode with the second tip shorted because in this case return path goes through it. But for differential measurements I am not sure if connecting ground to tips' rings vs the standard ground lead may make a difference from signal integrity perspective.


--- Quote from: jonpaul on February 06, 2023, 07:33:51 pm ---Tautech:

Many thanks, good link for the scope.

still do not see any shots at fast sweep, only the 10 nS/div, can you show shots like those references with fine detail at 1 nS..200 pS/div?

--- End quote ---
Okay, lets examine more closely the Siglent 500 MHz 10x SP3050A response from the Bodnar > Tek 1:1 50 Ohm feedthrough in the 2nd pic in my earlier post.

Looking faster and with some Vertical zoom and Horizontal fixed position.  :)

Right down to 500ps/div and 20mV/div, equivalent of 2mV/div with 1x inputs.

--- Quote ---Be good to do a check of feedthru 50 Ohm BNC/SMA terms, of various brands and ages:  LeoB>>50 Ohm Term>>1 M scope to see the cheges in term VSWR at fast edge.
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I only have BNC feedthroughs, most 1:1 and just one Tek 10:1, the brown one in the earlier photos.

I'm instead inclined to do a Through on the VNA where I can push them to 8+ GHz although I only have a SMA Cal kit so can't Cal beyond the N-BNC adapters and I don't possess any high quality BNC cables, only off the shelf 1 GHz rated variety. If I place the 50 Ohm terminations on Port 1 for a S11 SWR and a S21 Through measurements we should have enough to be comfortable in selecting the best and worst for comparing probe response with each of them....will do later if we find time.

If the scope has an internal 50 Ohm input, why do you eed any extenal feedthru?

All of our tests on DL7440, 7104, 78904, 7A29 use only the 50 Ohm inout.

Pluse Gen>>50 Ohm -20 db attn>>scope 50 Ohms.

Unless you test a probe , just  test the scope with no probes.



--- Quote from: jonpaul on February 08, 2023, 12:44:05 pm ---Unless you test a probe , just  test the scope with no probes.


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He is demonstrating the probes.


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