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--- Quote from: jonpaul on February 08, 2023, 12:44:05 pm ---If the scope has an internal 50 Ohm input, why do you eed any extenal feedthru?

All of our tests on DL7440, 7104, 78904, 7A29 use only the 50 Ohm inout.

Pluse Gen>>50 Ohm -20 db attn>>scope 50 Ohms.

Unless you test a probe , just  test the scope with no probes.


--- End quote ---
Done 1yr ago:

As we were examining probe step response the SWR of 50 Ohm feed through terminations in my probe tests was seen to influence overshoot and a Tek 1:1 termination was selected for tests only in that it seemed to have the least influence.

However this should be properly quantified and as we have the tools  :) why not put all 4 onto our SNA5000A 4 port VNA and sweep them to 2 GHz for a SWR check.

Note the SWR measurements top right at 1 GHz and the 3 different vertical scales used.

Rebonjour a tous....accumulated from Ham Radio fleas, silent key estates, epay.

 The P6046 TEK diff probe collection: Unused for 20 years, just  unearthed.
2 probes 2 amps/PSU, All accessories, incl X10 attn and shorting tips (large gray tips)
The VERY rare probe body housings and special probe CAL housing ( from the late and great Deane KIDD?).

Works fine after a bit of lube on the amp zero control

AMAZING INSTRUMENT Very sensitive very stable.

Issues: Needed fooling with zero DC  adj pot on amps  cleaning of PSU, amps, probe bodies (iso alc)
Case foam going bad
Hope to  test CMRR and NM gain vs freq on HP4195A 100k...500 MHz in 50 Ohm environment

Seeking the original printed manual, can offer swaps for other orig TEK printed manuals.

Your feedback appreciated!

Bon Soiree!



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