Author Topic: Problems Transferring Setup from PC to Rigol DS2072A via NI.VISA  (Read 985 times)

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I'm using c# .net to communicate with the DSO using NationalInstruments.VisaNS.MessageBasedSession. So far have been able to upload Event Tables from the DSO to pc ok.
The attachment shows the :SYSTem:SETup Command. I can save the DSO Configuration data to the PC, but not back again to the DSO - nothing happens.

Code: [Select]
string loadCommand = ":SYSTem:SETup?";
                mbSession.ReadToFile("D:\\DSOSetupRTF.stp"); /
Code: [Select]
  loadCommand = ":SYSTem:SETup ";
I've tried other methods to write, ie WriteBytes(n) but no luck. Maybe I should write to Rigol, but no sure if they will help with something like this.


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