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Program that can log from many multimeters.

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I have been working on a program that can log from multimeters, electronic loads, power supplies and some other stuff. The program can log, show charts and do math on data from multiple devices simultaneous.
The program works on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Read more about it and download it from here:

If anybody have ideas about how to log from USB/HID connected meters, please tell. I have played with a Brymen, but it only works on Windows.

My current list of supported devices as of V2.04 are (not all are tested), see list by device function here:
APPA 503, APPA 505, APPA 506, APPA 506B, APPA 507, APPA S0, APPA S1, APPA S2, APPA S3, ATorch AT3010, ATorch DL24, ATorch DL24P, ATorch JL24, ATorch JL44, ATorch PX100, ATorch USB, Agilent 34401A, Agilent U1252B, Agilent U1272A, Aim TTi CPX200DP, Aim TTi CPX400DP, Aim TTi CPX400SP, Ametek XG 600-1.4, Ametek XG 80-10.5, Amrel PLA800-60-300, B&K Precision BK8500, B&K Precision BK8502, B&K Precision BK8510, B&K Precision BK8512, B&K Precision BK8514, B&K Precision BK8518, B&K Precision BK8520, B&K Precision BK8522, B&K Precision BK8524, B&K Precision BK8526, BENNING MM12, Benetech GM1020, Brymen BM195, Brymen BM197, Brymen BM251s, Brymen BM252s, Brymen BM255s, Brymen BM257s, Brymen BM357s, Brymen BM521s, Brymen BM525s, Brymen BM821s, Brymen BM822s, Brymen BM827s, Brymen BM829s, Brymen BM867s, Brymen BM869s, CEM DT-1309, Chauvin Arnoux CA 5292, Chauvin Arnoux CA 5292 BT, Chauvin Arnoux CA 5293, Chauvin Arnoux CA 5293 BT, DigiTek DT-9602R+, EZA EZ-735, East Tester ET3240, East Tester ET4401, East Tester ET4402, East Tester ET4410, East Tester ET4501, East Tester ET4502, East Tester ET4510, East Tester ET5410, East Tester ET5420, Electronic Load XY-FZ25, Electronic Load XY-FZ35, Elma BM525s, Elma BM821s, Elma BM829s, Elma BM869s, FeelElec FY6600-20M, FeelElec FY6600-30M, FeelElec FY6600-50M, FeelElec FY6600-60M, FeelElec FY6800-20M, FeelElec FY6800-30M, FeelElec FY6800-50M, FeelElec FY6800-60M, FeelElec FY6900-20M, FeelElec FY6900-30M, FeelElec FY6900-40M, FeelElec FY6900-50M, FeelElec FY6900-60M, Fluke 187, Fluke 189, Fluke 287, Fluke 289, Fluke 45, Fluke 87, Fluke 8846A, Fluke 89, GW Instek PSW  250-9, GW Instek PSW 160-14.4, GW Instek PSW 160-21.6, GW Instek PSW 160-7.2, GW Instek PSW 250-13.5, GW Instek PSW 250-4.5, GW Instek PSW 30-108, GW Instek PSW 30-36, GW Instek PSW 30-72, GW Instek PSW 80-13.5, GW Instek PSW 80-27, GW Instek PSW 80-40.5, GW Instek PSW 800-1.44, GW Instek PSW 800-2.88, GW Instek PSW 800-4.32, GWInstek GPD-3303S, GWInstek GPP-4323, GWInstek PSM-2010, Gossen M5032, Gossen MetraHit Energy, Greenlee DM-810A, Greenlee DM-820A, Greenlee DM-830A, Greenlee DM-860A, Greenlee DML-430A, HKJ Digitalinput, HKJ Discharger, HKJ SS-Relay, HKJ ThermoAndMore, HKJ ThermoSensor, HP 3478A, HSPY-400-1, Hameg HMP2020, Hewlett-Packard 34401A, Hewlett-Packard 3478A, Hioki DT4281, Hioki DT4282, Itech IT8511+, Itech IT8511A+, Itech IT8511B+, Itech IT8512+, Itech IT8512A+, Itech IT8512B+, Itech IT8512C+, Itech IT8512H+, Itech IT8513C+, Itech IT8514B+, Itech IT8514C+, Itech IT8516C+, Keithley 2000, Keithley 2015, Keithley 2260B-250-13, Keithley 2260B-250-4, Keithley 2260B-250-9, Keithley 2260B-30-108, Keithley 2260B-30-36, Keithley 2260B-30-72, Keithley 2260B-80-13, Keithley 2260B-80-27, Keithley 2260B-80-40, Keithley 2260B-800-1, Keithley 2260B-800-2, Keithley 2260B-800-4, Keithley 2280S-32-6, Keithley DMM6500, Keithley DMM7510, Keysight 34461A, Keysight 34465A, Keysight 34470A, Keysight DS0X2012A, Keysight DS0X2014A, Keysight DS0X2214A, Keysight U1213A, Keysight U1231A, Keysight U1232A, Keysight U1233A, Keysight U1241C, Keysight U1251A, Keysight U1252A, Keysight U1252B, Keysight U1253A, Keysight U1271A, Keysight U1272A, Keysight U1273A, Keysight U1273AX, Keysight U1281A, Keysight U1282A, Keysight U1461A, Kollmorgen AKD1G Servo, Kollmorgen AKD2G Dual Servo, Kollmorgen AKD2G Single Servo, Korad KA3003P, Korad KA3005P, Korad KA3010P, Korad KA6002P, Korad KA6003P, Korad KA6005P, Korad KD3005P, Korad KD6005P, Korad KEL102, Korad KEL103, Kunkin KP184, Kunkin KP184 V4, Kunkin KP184 V4+, Mastech MS8040, Mastech MS8218, Maynuo M9710, Maynuo M9711, Maynuo M9712, Maynuo M9712B, Maynuo M9712B30, Maynuo M9712C, Maynuo M9713, Maynuo M9713B, Maynuo M9714, Maynuo M9714B, Maynuo M9715, Maynuo M9715B, Maynuo M9716, Maynuo M9716B, Maynuo M9716E, Maynuo M9716L, Maynuo M9716SL, Maynuo M9716SL800, Maynuo M9717, Maynuo M9717B, Maynuo M9717C, Maynuo M9717D, Maynuo M9718, Maynuo M9718B, Maynuo M9718D, Maynuo M9718E, Maynuo M9718F, Maynuo M9718F-500, Maynuo M97834, Maynuo M9811, Maynuo M9812, Maynuo M9812B, Maynuo M9815F-300, Maynuo M9818B, Maynuo M9834B, Maynuo M9834H, Maynuo M9835, Maynuo M9835B, Maynuo M9835C, Maynuo M9836, Maynuo M9836B, Maynuo M9836B-720, Maynuo M9836C, Maynuo M9836E, Maynuo M9836F, Maynuo M9836H, Maynuo M9837, Maynuo M9837B, Maynuo M9838, Maynuo M9838B, Maynuo M9839, Maynuo M9839B, Maynuo M9840, Maynuo M9840B, Maynuo M9912D, Metrix MTX3281, Metrix MTX3282, Metrix MTX3291, Metrix MTX3292, Metrix MTX3292B, Metrix MTX3292B BT, Metrix MTX3293B, Metrix MTX3293B BT, MultiComp Pro MP710259, Multicomp Pro MP710258, Owon ODP3033, Owon ODP3063, Owon ODP6033, Owon XDM3041, Peaktech 2025, ProsKit MT-1820, Protek 506, R&S HMC8012, R&S HMC8043, R&S HMO1022, R&S HMP2020, R&S NGE102, R&S NGE102B, RND KA3005P, RND KEL102 V2.20, RND KEL103, RND KEL103v2, Riden RD6006, Riden RD6012, Rigol DG811, Rigol DG812, Rigol DG821, Rigol DG822, Rigol DG831, Rigol DG832, Rigol DG952, Rigol DG972, Rigol DG992, Rigol DL3021, Rigol DL3021A, Rigol DL3031, Rigol DL3031A, Rigol DM3058, Rigol DM3058E, Rigol DM3068, Rigol DP811A, Ruoshui VC4090A, Ruoshui VC4090B, Ruoshui VC4090C, Ruoshui VC4091A, Ruoshui VC4091B, Ruoshui VC4091C, Sanwa PC7000, Siglent SDG1032X, Siglent SDG1062X, Siglent SDG2042X, Siglent SDG2082X, Siglent SDG2122X, Siglent SDG6022X, Siglent SDG6032X, Siglent SDG6052X, Siglent SDL1020, Siglent SDL1020X, Siglent SDL1020X-E, Siglent SDL1030, Siglent SDL1030X, Siglent SDL1030X-E, Siglent SDM3045X, Siglent SDM3055, Siglent SDM3065X, Siglent SDS1052A, Siglent SDS1052DL+, Siglent SDS1072A, Siglent SDS1072CFL, Siglent SDS1072X-E, Siglent SDS1074CFL, Siglent SDS1074X-E, Siglent SDS1102A, Siglent SDS1102CFL, Siglent SDS1102CML+, Siglent SDS1102X, Siglent SDS1102X+, Siglent SDS1102X-C, Siglent SDS1102X-E, Siglent SDS1104CFL, Siglent SDS1104X-C, Siglent SDS1104X-E, Siglent SDS1122E+, Siglent SDS1152A, Siglent SDS1152CML+, Siglent SDS1202CFL, Siglent SDS1202F+, Siglent SDS1202X, Siglent SDS1202X+, Siglent SDS1202X-C, Siglent SDS1202X-E, Siglent SDS1204CFL, Siglent SDS1204X-C, Siglent SDS1204X-E, Siglent SDS1302CFL, Siglent SDS1304CFL, Siglent SDS2072, Siglent SDS2072X, Siglent SDS2074, Siglent SDS2074X, Siglent SDS2102, Siglent SDS2102X, Siglent SDS2102X-E, Siglent SDS2104, Siglent SDS2104X, Siglent SDS2202, Siglent SDS2202X, Siglent SDS2202X-E, Siglent SDS2204, Siglent SDS2204X, Siglent SDS2302, Siglent SDS2302X, Siglent SDS2304, Siglent SDS2304X, Siglent SDS2352X-E, Siglent SPD1168X, Siglent SPD1305X, Siglent SPD3303X, Siglent SPD3303X-E, Soundcard input, Soundcard output, SparkFun 70C, Stamos S-LS-60, TTI QL355P_B, TTI QL355P_C, TTi 1908, TTi CPX200DP, TTi CPX200P, TTi CPX400DP, TTi QL355P_A, TTi QPX1200SP, Tektronix DPO3012 TekScope, Tektronix DPO3014 TekScope, Tektronix DPO3032 TekScope, Tektronix DPO3034 TekScope, Tektronix DPO3052 TekScope, Tektronix DPO3054 TekScope, Tektronix MDO3012 TekScope, Tektronix MDO3014 TekScope, Tektronix MDO3022 TekScope, Tektronix MDO3024 TekScope, Tektronix MDO3032 TekScope, Tektronix MDO3034 TekScope, Tektronix MDO3052 TekScope, Tektronix MDO3054 TekScope, Tektronix MDO3102 TekScope, Tektronix MDO3104 TekScope, Tektronix MDO4024 TekScope, Tektronix MDO4034 TekScope, Tektronix MDO4054 TekScope, Tektronix MDO4104 TekScope, Tektronix MSO3012 TekScope, Tektronix MSO3014 TekScope, Tektronix MSO3032 TekScope, Tektronix MSO3034 TekScope, Tektronix MSO3054 TekScope, Tektronix TDS3012C TekScope, Tektronix TDS3014C TekScope, Tektronix TDS3032C TekScope, Tektronix TDS3034C TekScope, Tektronix TDS3052C TekScope, Tektronix TDS3054C TekScope, Tenma 72-13200, Tenma 72-13210, Tenma 72-2531, Tenma 72-2535, Tenma 72-2540, Tenma 72-2550, Tenma 72-6685A, Tenma 72-7730, Tenma 72-7732, Tenma 72-9380A, Thurlby-thandar TF930, UNI-T UT382, UNI-T UT60A, UNI-T UT60D, UNI-T UT61B, UNI-T UT61C, UNI-T UT61D, UNI-T UT61E, UNI-T UT71A, UNI-T UT71B, UNI-T UT71C, UNI-T UT71D, UNI-T UT71E, Vici VC8145, Victor 70C, Victor 86C, VirtualBatteryGenerator, VirtualLogGenerator, VirtualPatternGenerator, VirtualRampGenerator, VirtualSinusGenerator, VirtualSquareGenerator, VirtualUserGenerator, Voltcraft VC-920, Voltcraft VC-940 COM, Voltcraft VC-960, Voltcraft VC850, Yokogawa WT3000

Oscilloscopes are only supported as voltmeters.

I already commented on BLF, but 34401A support would be appreciated as well!


--- Quote from: maukka on March 25, 2020, 05:04:50 pm ---I already commented on BLF, but 34401A support would be appreciated as well!

--- End quote ---

A have answered on BLF.

+1 for 34401a

uh  what BLF ??  where ?

Many SCPI devices can fairly easy be added to the software by anybody, but I have not written the documentation for it yet.
It is, of course, possible to check my definitions and use them as basis for a new definition.
What I suggested on BLF was to use the 34465A definition as basis.

If somebody makes some good definitions for equipment, please mail it to me and I will include it with the software. There is a trick with the definitions to make many similar ones, I use it with the electronic loads and some multimeters (In reality I only have two Keysight multimeter definitions, all my other Keysight multimeters used on or the other of these two protocols).

The BLF is budgetlightforum and my posting is here:


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