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Protek B8110 function generator


Anyone have experience with this generator? Besides overall quality, does it have a FAN?

I'm tired of listening to the fan in my other function generator (DS345) all day when I just need a simple low freq signal.

This one looks like it has quite a few features and decent performance for about $150 (new) on ebay. But, it is said to weigh 15 lbs, so I'm concerned that it might have a cooling fan. I couldn't find a picture of the rear, nor a power consumption spec.

I have 4 of these in a teaching lab that I run.  There is no fan.  The unit is a manageable size and easy to use.  The only drawback for me is I have had two fail on me in the last few years.  I think a couple transistors went bad and took a few resistors with it.  Just a little smoke.  I am not sure if  the cause is poor design, or improper use. My lab is mainly used by beginners and I have seen some unusual hook-ups. 


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