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Quantum 20 reflow oven

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Hi All.

I just won this reflow oven on ebay. I am a bit concerned to ask this but does anyone have any experience with it?

I am hoping it will be okay for small batches of boards. It doesn't seem to have much to it but it looks pretty industrial. Also hoping it will heat up lead free paste okay. I dont know how old this machine is as there doesnt seem to be any information out there on the web.

Any help would be great.



I think I have used Quantum 30, which is probably a bigger version of yours. Great buy, congratulations! Looks like a fab toy.
As for reflowing, it can be done in a modded toaster oven, so a little experimenting on unimportant boards, and you are ready to go with the real boards.
I think these were made by Unifab and your oven often came as part of a mini-production setup, with a screenprinter and assembly desk-type thing. As far as I know, Unifab is no longer in business.


This one seems to only have two stages to its heating profile. The Quantum 30 has 3 stages. Do not know what difference it will make in practice.

A Quantum 30 went the other week on ebay for £731. We were outbid on that one. Hoping this Quantum 20 will do the job. I cant find any information about the machines. I don't know if the company went out of business. I don't even know how well these machines perform or what it is worth but hoping it will do the job.


I'll search a bit too and post findings here, if any.
Unifab was a well known name, so you definitely didn't buy rubbish. Does the seller have any manuals or info? Even if not, there is a short PDF manual for an Elektor oven on the net, just to get an overview.

Thanks for the responses and good of you to spend some time doing some searching, img.

I have done a bit of reflowing and understand the profiles, etc. I am a little concerned about it only being  2 stages. It states it is forced IR. With IR you usually need a settling time or soak as they call it. The Quantum 30 had this but the 20 doesn't. I am wondering how well it will cope with boards as they say IR isn't as good as convection.

I have asked the seller for manuals. I am collecting it some time this week so haven't had a play yet.

Considering the price of the Chinese rubbish, the price of it looks good. I just want to ensure it will do the job really. Hopefully it will.



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