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HANTEK working email is here -
« on: November 11, 2020, 07:46:23 pm »
HANTEK working email is here - use to ask what you want, i get this from my friend from china and they send me mail from this email :)

Hi mates, I am here now and want to tell you how to solve problem with hantek scope update firmware. First you can use use email to get help but they will not tell you how to exactly update firmware. I found myself from a video from youtube, some expert make it with a flash drive and LINUX !!!! yes you read right, you need some of kind a linux distro to make a proper usb flash drive partitions, because linux distro in scope
NOT RECOGNIZE WINDOWS FORMATED USB FLASH DRIVE !!!! tell you again, hantek scope use a some linux distro that not recognize flash usb drives FORMATED with windows 7,8,10 etc. and that is problem for update process. I tell this to hantek support in email to this one . this email is directly in producing line specialists. I send and receive from them a emails that you talk about the problem.
Ok, let get started with first step, need a linux in some computer system like a personal computer, raspberry or even live cd linux distro will get the work. Can use any debian, linux mint, fedora, slakware, etc.
Second step. Usb flash drive I use is Kingston 8 GB not brand new, but working fine. Need to put in usb in linux distro and type a proper command to make a fat system type VFAT. This is file system that linux distro IN HANTEK SCOPE will recognize properly and will find the file with update for any scope DSO5072P. I use this one, download all software and firmware directly from hantek website.
Third step. Will show some screen from raspberry pi with commads and respond that you need to do for proper way. Ok, when you insert a flash drive in RASPBBERY PI you will see this window
Close it. You do not need this window, what you need is a console window for typing commands in bash, command line. Like this one
Ok, here is my console bash window in raspberry linux system. Now you need to type this command:

sudo fdisk -l

that you give a list of all file system that you have in raspberry or computer or laptop that you use.
Now you see here type of this flash drive is NTFS file system that is formatted in windows 10 and scope have not recognize this. Now we will make it in FAT32/VFAT that need to update firmware

sudo cfdisk /dev/sdb

– this is program that you need to clear flash from all prevois file system and make a proper, not with cfdisk program, but in command line!!!!
After delete all prevois file systems and make a new one like a picture, this program is not hard to work, have some clicks to get you need. Picture is here to show end result. Delete all old systems, create new one with type 83 linux, all size of usb flash drive. As you see in the white border label there is a info about flash drive file system and size. Last command WRITE WILL MAKE A FLASH DRIVE TO a LINUX TYPE 83 FILE SYSTEM to can update firmware of scope 

Write, type yes to question that ask you a program en exit
After using again this command :

 sudo fdisk –l

, you will see this answer from linux
Youre flash drive is new file system type of 83 linux all size. Disk model here is data traveler of Kingston usb flash drive. Your will be with your name
Next command is to UNmount flash drive to can formated it in FAT32/VFAT file system

sudo umount /dev/sdb1

- /dev/sdb1 is link to flash drive. In you case maybe will be some different. After using

sudo fdisk –l

– linux will tell you what is link to usb flash drive and this link you need to do to address directly flash drive to make it proper. The number 1 is need to know that is just one part of all flash drive. The all flash, hdd and other drives can be separated tom any partitions with next number. 1,2,3,4 etc.

sudo umount /dev/sdb1

Ok, after UNmouting flash drive now we can formatted it in proper file system with next command

sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/sdb -n USB8GB

– last word with caps letters is label of drive use all CAPS letters to can be seen properly.


Red paint is error that you get IF YOU DO NOT UNMOUNT FLASH DRIVE !!!
Yellow paint is work fine IF you proper unmount flash drive. Now from web site directly in linux  you download and extract proper firmware for your scope. Copy extracted file to new formatted flash drive and put in scope. REMEMBER TO SELECT THOSE FIRMWARE WHO IS FOR YOUR MODEL HANTEK SCOPE !!!! if you load some other model firmware you can damage scope for ever !!!!

ALSO put the power cable IN TO UPS POWER BLOCK TO AVOID POWER DOWN UNTIL SCOPE LOAD FIRMWARE !!!! if the power of scope is lost in UPDATE TIME you can damage your scope for ever !!!

And that is it, after update, scope will restart and will work fine, if all is ok  I want to say this, in my case I have a luck and some good work and experience with linux. If you cannot what you do in some steps, ask some friend, in forum or some who can help you.

Best regards to all, and wish you luck with work.

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