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R & S SMP02 Signal Generator Repair

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I recently got a Rohde & Schwarz SMP02 Signal generator with the SW-B11 frequency option installed, which upgrades frequency range from 2-20GHz to 10MHz-20GHz.

It has some issues. At startup it says:
ERROR -313 Calibration memory lost; YFOM - run internal calibration;
WARNING 134 FM input of YFO module overdriven;

So I unlock level 1 and try to run the YFOM calibration, which basically just clicks a relay and fails with the following error:
ERROR 180 Calibration failed; YFOM: pretune;

The previous owner had it calibrated 2017, not sure if they replaced the RAM battery then or not. However the EEPROM, RAM and RAM battery tests passes. So does also the ALC Amp calibration.

I'm assuming that the YFOM calibration is to correct the output frequency from the two YIG oscillators, which is needed since frequencies are a bit off, 40-90MHz low in the 2-6GHz range. My equipment cannot currently verify frequency above 6GHz, my spectrum analyzer goes to 3.2GHz and counter goes to 6GHz. The frequencies below 2GHz are also off but they are down converted from the 2-10GHz YIG with a 6GHz LO.

I have not succeeded to find any service manual (R&S product no 1035.5015.24) for the SMP, anyone knows where to find it? I'm currently browsing the SME and SMIQ service manuals since they seem to share some modules.

Another things that annoys me is that after I did a reset of the battery backed RAM, the screen is now inverted (white text on black background) and I cannot find how to get it back to black text on white background. Anyone knows?

Edit: Ha, I did another reset and now the screen is back to black on white  ;D Keeping preset pressed while powering on gives black on white but using Error button gives white on black.


I have an SME02 and an SMIQ03B and if I recall correctly, I had a similar issue with the loss of calibration memory. The battery self tests were passing with no problem but changing the battery actually fixed the issue. I would not trust the battery self tests 100%. It may be worth checking the battery voltage which can be done by removing the front panel (I assume it should be similar to the SMIQ line for that matter).

However, if the calibration doesn't work it seems you may have another issue on top of that. I can't seem to find more than the operation manual for the SMP. But with its modular construction it may share a lot of modules with the SME and SMIQ, and even the SMT. If you can pinpoint to a module (maybe with the operating manual?) then you may find adequate service manuals for the specific module.

Thanks for the SMT tip. I've just ordered a new battery. Yes, its behind the front panel. However the machine reports thru TP 0007 that the voltage is 3.504V.

I agree on your assesment that I probably have one more issue due to failing YFOM calibration.

Did the battery change tonight. Old battery was marked with manufacturing date 1998 but still measured good with 3.6-something V. New battery in place and the YFOM calibration still fails. I've also tried various start values at random with no luck.

Frequency error in 6-10GHz range is like in the 2-6GHz range, i.e. 40-90MHz which makes sense. Its still the same YIG oscillator.
10GHz and above it starts at around 60MHz and increases up to 120MHz at 20GHz. I'll see when I come around to dig deeper into this.

I have an SMP02 with the same issue. I was able to get the service manual by contacting R&S online here is a link Unfortunatly for me this didn't help. Please let us know if you have solved the problem, post here. If the link doesnt work email me.


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