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Hitachi V212 Oscilloscope
« on: July 11, 2013, 09:57:22 pm »
Hello to all!

I just acquired one of these oscilloscopes and while channel 1 works great (lower signal in the video), there is one issue with channel 2 (upper signal in the video) that I am trying to figure out. The vertical position of channel 2 stays fixed between about 1 division on the screen. Changing the vertical position knob for channel 2 moves it up and down within the 1 division area. When I change the Volts/Div, the signal seems to change proportionally, but still stays only within that 1 division area.

I'm thinking it may be in the channel 2 pre-amp section, but I am not sure since this is the first analog oscilloscope I have used. I just don't want to go probing all around with high voltages present in there. Trying to stay safe and alive, you know. The video shows what it does. The sound is horrible and super quiet and I sound really stupid because I had to talk loud to compensate for the crappy built in mic. But, if anyone has any ideas on what sections I should start looking at or what things to look for, I would appreciate it! Thanks!



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