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Michael YYZ:
My DMM (the one in the middle). ❤️

Safety cover for Tektronix 576 curve tracer.  This cover keeps your fingers away from dangerous voltages, and triggers the interlock allowing those voltages to be applied.  The original is clear, apparently so that you can see the warm glow of an overheated transistor, but the opaque printed version keeps light out of packages that allow semi-conductors to be photosensitive.  If you miss the opportunity of watching transistors melt you can always bodge in a plexiglass window.

ZIP file is model in FreeCAD format and stl format.  Some may want to modify for taller cover.

Front breakouts for Keithley 2600 SMU. Flat or with feet, mirrored or same layout L/R. Uses "Hirschmann PK 10 A" binding posts.
More info, files & discussion:

Switch shaft extension as used in the Fluke 341A and Fluke 343A DC Calibrators, and also in some other products too I think.

Has anyone found a suitable replacement for the switch caps used in HP 3312A?
I see those broken all the time and sure enough two of mine are also broken as well.
I have similar switch caps in my 5316A counter and I'm sure they should fit other HP instruments of this era..
They look like in the photo below.

HP part numbers are :

WHITE         : 0370-0604
LIGHT GREY : 0370-0668
GREY           : 0370-2781


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