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I purchased a TDK Lambda GENH series power supply from eBay. One of the two knobs was missing. They are simply pushed on and there is no real retention mechanism.

I used Fusion 360 to create a model of replacement. I printed the replacement in white PLA.
I reduced the number of bumps on the outside to get a better print.




Edit: Here is a picture showing an original and the 3D printed part:


The same knob is used on Lambda GEN  and ZUP series power supplies.

I have attached the files.


I got a Rohde&Schwarz BOL (rebranded National VP-5512A) with a broken rear foot. So I designed a replacement to be printed.

This is somehow simplified to the original molded one. The scad file is ugly hacked together without parameters.

It can be printed without supports by laying it flat on the bed on the slanted side.
Just add an adhesive rubber bumper if you want.

The second one tries to imitate the original corrugated design. I haven't printed it yet.

Can be found at Thingiverse:

Does anyone know where I can find a replacement frequency knob for my HP 339A Distortion Measurement Set? Can some one here make one for me? I temporarily installed an old hp knob but have to count the turns since it does not have a numbered 1-10 skirt. Thanks in advance!


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