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Replacement Knobs, Feet and Fittings for Test Equipment

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Anyone know a place where find this safety banana plugs?

Housing for Leo Bodnar's fast risetime pulse generator -->

Printed it with a layer height of 0.1mm and infill grid pattern with a density of 33%. I attached the cover with a little bit of super glue.

Siglent housing spacer for e.g. SDM3065X and SDG2042X.

Printed it with a layer height of 0.2mm and infill gyroid pattern with a density of 25%.

Usually I mount 38mm 'adam hall' rubber feet with a printed plastic nut. In case it falls off inside the device, it will cause no problems.

My new old HP6653A power supply does not have a bottom cover plate, but the chassis itself is the bottom. So it would be a lot of dismounting to place a nut inside.

So I'm back to HP's hook and lock system.
The avaiable print models copy the plastic spring locking of the original.
As prints often do not reach that level of plastics quality and precision I was not conviced and scribbled another solution:

The locking is done by a locking plate with konical cotters and is fastened by a screw.
On top is a furrow to allow pliers to grab and pull out the locking plate.

On top of that I mounted the usual rubber feet to save table tops or other device covers.

The front alignment key part of the HP feet is not that important for me. I place to 4mm threaded holes in the front of the feet, but obviously this was not planned to the end.  :palm:

Anyhow, for me, it does the job for now.

You can find the STLs without the front holes in the zip file attached as well as on thingiverse:

If someone needs a replacement button for a Gould Delta 9500A, I've 'drawn' one in OpenSCAD, printed it and it works fine. The STL, scad (in the 7z) and image files are attached: in the image, the "Print" button is printed, the others are original.

This same kind of button is also used on all Gould Classic series scopes, and a bunch of Nicolet scopes, such as the Nicolet Integra series.


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