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Replacement Knobs, Feet and Fittings for Test Equipment

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A printed button for the "print" function. Nice.


Just a quick heads-up; I found these on slAmazon while hunting stick-on feet for a particular project. They look to me like a good generic substitute for the OEM feet on many different models of TE. At $6/doz, pretty reasonable too.




--- Quote from: MarkF on January 01, 2022, 12:23:17 am ---Rigol DS1000Z replacement feet:

The original feet have little detents to keep them open or closed and I believe the stress of these detents caused the feet to break.  My replacement feet are smooth and don't have the detents.  Because of this, I scraped off the small ridge on the case under each foot.

I printed them with a fine layer height and 50% infill.

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--- End quote ---

Thanks for those, I snapped a foot off the other day - terrible design. Now replaced both with the last few metres of some purple PETG. I left the ridge in place as it provides a nice bit of drag to keep the feet from flopping about.

Still in-stock just ordered some!

The attached zip file has a FreeCAD parametric model for knobs found on equipment from the late 1930's to the 1950's.  Also included are brief instructions on how to use it, and an stl file for a knob resembling those used on Muirhead decade boxes.  Unfortunately I couldn't make it fully automatic, so some fiddling is required, but it can generate a wide range of sizes and patterns.  Enjoy.


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