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I have created new power button for Advantest devices. I have measured the original button from TR6143 to replace my missing button on R7210.

The source CATPart and STL can be found on thingverse.

In I posted a model for HP 5040-7201 feet.  I recently had need to print some and found that errors in the model existed that my prior slicer didn't catch and there were some dimensional problems which made trimming and fitting necessary.  The attached zip file contains the corrected stl file, the corrected model in FreeCAD format, and a crude model of the wire bail foot associated with the plastic part.  The bail is pretty easy to bend up from 0.125 inch steel wire, but if you don't have at least one existing foot it is helpful to have dimensions and angles.

My apologies for the poor item naming in the model and the crudeness of both.  This poor EE is still a rank newbie at solid modelling.

Also note that these feet are still available commercially.  Printing them is only necessary if you want other colors or have other reasons for printing.

The main reason for printing your own is the satisfaction you get from not having to pay (since anyone printing them already has the printer and filament). Thank you for taking the time and effort to update your design.

This isn't quite a perfect fit for this, but I found it useful when doing the stuff in this thread.

I needed a new front and rear bezel for one of my instruments.  The old one was fragmenting rapidly, already in a dozen or more pieces.  Unfortunately the bezel is larger than the build volume of my printer, so it needed to be printed in parts.  And it was desirable to have built in alignment and features for a strong bond joint between the parts.  The two models attached form this function and also give the basic idea for those who need to split even larger assemblies.

The basic procedure is to place the target part model within the volume of the right and left splitter.  Make a copy of the target model and then use your CAD program to do the AND or COMMON process between the original and the left splitter and the copy and the right splitter.  The two results can then be printed and then bonded together with the appropriate adhesive.

I am sure this idea is so obvious to some here that it isn't worth posting, but it took me a while to come up with a nice general solution and there may be others as slow as I am.

For everyone who wants to make a Tektronix 1103 probe supply clone:
3D models attached for the shroud of the TekProbe interface.

'Made 'em for this "Hacktronix" device.

br, mf


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