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Replacement Knobs, Feet and Fittings for Test Equipment

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Actually the attached file should give you a start.  It is a parameterized version of a knob similar to yours.  You can plug appropriate dimensions into it and get something pretty close.  This is a quick and dirty job, so no error checking or anything.  18 flutes is the max allowed value and it will let you foul up just about any dimension.

The previous discussion reminded me of a knob file I posted elsewhere, which should also go here.  It allows you to generate knobs similar to those popular on radios and test equipment in the 1930 to 1950 time period.  Just adjust parameters on the spreadsheet page and it will give a wide variety of knobs.  The screen capture shows one example of what you can generate.  Somewhat better instructions are included in the zip file.

I thought I'd contribute how I sourced replacement feet for several of our Tek TDS scopes a few years back, because the Tek P/N was difficult to find for less than $20:

[ I'm cheap ]

Original Parts, Tek P/N 348-1703-00 (broken & whole), and 'Replacements':


--- Quote from: DaJMasta on May 12, 2019, 04:24:26 am ---A few days later, another one:
Rear foot for a Sencore Powerite II PR570 variable isolation transformer - will probably fit other equipment from Sencore as well, there are a few things in this form factor.

--- End quote ---

Thank You, Printed Some Fit Great...

Since I needed the rear device feet for a PSL-3 from Rohde Schwarz and only had one, I created a new one. (Inventor .ipt + stp files in the zip)
In case someone needs it.


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