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TERRA Operative:
I just drew up the rear foot/handle for my HP/Agilent 8648C, part number 08647-40003, and stuck it up on thingiverse too.
I guess it'll fit some other instruments too.

TERRA Operative:
And a power button for the HP 5335A Universal Counter.

I haven't checked fitment so some experimentation will be needed with the hole that fits over the plunger in the button, let me know how it goes. :)

After getting my hands on two IET Dekapot's, I've had to make new spacer disks to get the "index support" into proper position.
The attached models are about the thickness of 2 or 3 of the spacer disks combined.
If you have no spacers disks and want to use it stand-alone (no additional front panel thickness) the 6mm one should be just right.
I've used the 4.2mm one with one spacer disk to the same effect.
Your slicer should be able to scale each model in just the Z direction to an individual thickness.


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