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Why - Because old bits break or are lost or stolen before we get hold of the Test Equipment.

Solution - Try and buy the unobtanium from generally an overpriced evilbay auction or in the remote and forlorn hope a manufacturer will still have stock for your 40 year old precious. Or you make or have made for yourself a replacement by a range of different methods.

So rather than having solutions to this problem lost diluted and otherwise dispersed here in sometimes long winded threads (Yes TEA I am looking at you ;) ) and across the WEB time for a common index page with links to posts, videos or elsewhere.

Any Knob, Foot, Clip, adapter and fairly much anything mechanical you have made or designed as a solution to keep your Test Equipment in use.

STL or CAD files can be put in a Zip and added to posts would be great. Anyone found using that work for commercial gain without express permission can expect to be :horse:

Index by Manufacturer - others to follow as needed.


Foot 5200A Calibrator Foot The DefPom Thingiverse
Foot Side Clip and rubber, suits  5440B/510x/850x and others?  Beanflying Link to this thread
Foot Rear suits 8505A or 8506A part #645945 Pigrew Thingiverse
Various from a Yeggi Site search

Hewlett Packard

Adapter IR adapter Handheld Agilent/Keysight meters
Bezel Analogue Meter Power Supplies suits ?
Bezel Rear to suit 34401A and maybe other similar cases
Bezel CRT and Switch to suit 8753C VNA Hendorog Thingyverse listed as a WIP
Button Power and extension to suit E3631A and maybe others?
Button Power suits 3478A and maybe others kirill_ka Forum link here
Button Power suits 8640B + others
Cover System Power Supplies rear Outlet
Cover HP909 A C & E rear outlet termination
Foot Clip in suits a wide range of Gear The DefPom Thingiverse &
Foot, Suits 5300A &B and other Aluminium Diecast Cases Beanflying link to this thread
Foot, Suits 34702A, 5300A & B and other Aluminium Cases VK5RC's take on the foot above
Foot, Rear 8565A spectrum analyzer should suit others
Foot, Rear part number 5041-8821 / 5040-7221 older Spec Analyzers and others TerrorOperative Thingiverse
Foot, Front and Rear to suit 8590 Spectrum Analyser and maybe others Bicurico link to this thread
Foot, Generic 40mm long cord wrap replacement for older HP 17XX scopes and other equipment. Beanflying link to this thread
Foot, Generic 35mm long cord wrap replacement for older HP 17XX scopes and other equipment. (correct length) Beanflying link to this thread
Foot, Snap in to suit 3458B and others CatilinaWOW link to this thread
Frame Clip and PCB mount, suits 5300A and 5300B based measuring systems Beanflying link to this thread
Knob 1/4" Plain shaft with CAD files via link. Details here Beanflying link to this thread
Knob 1/4" Plain shaft with Cad Files via link. Tweaked version of one line up! Beanflying link to this thread
Knob 1/4" Push on simple HP'ish style by JohnPi
Panel LAN outlet for DSO2000/3000 Scopes
Panel Support Input Assembly 3403C
PCB Card Lever Suits older Card based equipment (4261A + others) The DefPom - Thiniverse
Various from a Yeggi Site search (sorry lots of NON Test gear too)
Wheel/Knob Logic Analyzers DaJMasta
82143A Thermal printer parts VK5RC link to this thread


Foot suits 2xxx series gear Pigrew Thingiverse


Foot, Extra Rubber Foot Bumper for Wavepro/Master and multiple other models DaJmasta
Foot, Rear Wavepro/Master with rubber insert DaJMasta
Various from a Yeggi Site search


Button Numerical Keyboard set suits some Counters Pigrew Thingiverse

Rhode & Shwarz

Foot, Extra Rubber Foot Bumper for multiple models DaJMasta
Knob, Encoder suits CMU2000 & CRTU Bucurico link to this thread

Stanford Research Systems

Button, Power for SR560 Pre Amp DaJMasta may suit others
Bezel, Front for SR560 Pre Amp DaJMasta


Clip, Plugin pull tab suits TM503 and others? CatilinaWOW and again a few posts later
Foot, Rear Cable Wrap Suits 500 Mainframes and 400 series Scopes Rerouter link to this thread
Knob, Vertical Gain extension to suit SC504 CatilinaWOW link to this thread  Link to files
Various from a Yeggi site search


Foot Rear suits 2703 AC Calibrator The DefPom Thingiverse
Handle Front suits 2703 AC Calibrator The DefPom Thingiverse

Non Brand Specific designs

121GW Bumper Hangers - Magnetic and Webbing Beanflying link to this thread
121GW Tilting Bail extension Chlor link to Thingiverse
Anti Vibration Fan Gaskets - various sizes (TPU or similar flexible filament) DaJMasta Thingiverse
Xantrex power supply Button - Power may suit others too salvagedcircuitry link to this thread

Construction Techniques and How to Guides

YouTube Videos

Cloning Vintage Knobs
--- Code: ---
--- End code ---

Quick/Easy Knobs
--- Code: ---
--- End code ---

How To Mold & Cast Vintage Radio Knobs
--- Code: ---
--- End code ---

Other Web Pages

Repair a HP Knob by TerraHertz

Recommended Secondhand Dealers of Unobtanium all sorts of Test Gear Spares lots of bits and spares

Rear Foot to Suit Hewlett Packard 5300 A & B and other Split Aluminium Cased HP equipment.

Fairly simple to start this thread off. 3D printed solution to what seems to be a fairly common failure of the original plastic foot. Printed in PLA as pictured with supports on the bed. Use 0.1mm Layer height if you want a smoother look but no one else should be looking under there to see ;)

Zip file contains both the STL and Fusion 360 CAD file.

Rear cable wrap feet and wire securing clip for Tektronics 500 series mainframes and 400 series scopes.

Edit: I have to ask for your HP feet why you didn't flatten off the middle area instead of doing 1:1,


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