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I currently am using some cheapo multimeter I got as part of a free gift from my soldering station purchase, and was wondering if anyone knows which retailers sell the Gossen Metrawatt multimeters. Thanks.

Sir ,
      In India These Are Sold By Rishabh "They Are Older Models  " .You May Have a Peek At The Rates Here .For USD Quotes Please Select "Paypal [ US Dollars ] " From Left side Under " I Will Pay By " .I Can Arrange These And Ship Via Indian Speedpost And Also DHL/Fedex/TNT/UPS Etc

Some Links

1 : Low End Models ->
2 : Mid End Models  ->
3 : High End Models ->

PS : Its Very Hard To Export Goods From India BTW ,Thats One Reason I Do Not Post Many Deals Here Though We Have Many Things .We Are Adding Byrmen Multimeters Also And i Am Updating The Website With Additions To That                   

Conrad has them in stock, but unfortunately doesn't ship to the USA anymore. Hopefully, you know someone in Europe who could act as an intermediary. Best of luck.

Gossen calls itself also dranetz in the US. No Idea why. Dranetz has sales information on their website.

Gossen acquired Dranetz and are selling meters under Drantech name.


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