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Review: Digitek DT-2843R TRMS for less?

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iloveelectronics, a member on this forum has been running an ebay store selling some multimeters and other electronics related products and he came across a multimeter he was thinking of selling. I volunteered to do a review of it for him.

How does this stack up to his other offerings, especially the infamous Uni-T UT61E?

As you can see it has many good features and performance. To be clear, this is no heavy duty electricians meter with the appropriate safety but used within the scope of electronics and occasional wall socket testing it is a very capable and inexpensive meter. It is well worth the $46 USD shipped anywhere in the world that Franky (iloveeletronics) will be asking for it. I think I would even recommend it over the UT61E.

If I missed something in the video or you have questions, please ask.

Oh yes, the sound quality suffered due a technical glitch. Please excuse the bad audio but I was not going to reshoot the whole thing.

Sorry to say, but clicking on the link gives me a error from Youtube that says the video clip has been removed because it's to long.

Yeah I know. I just fixed that problem. Sorry

I think You have to give it one more try. Now it says that the clip i private :-)

Thanks. I have no idea why it got set to that.


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