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Review: Uni-T UT109 TRMS automotive multimeter with RPM and Dwell


A short review of Uni-T UT109 TRMS automotive multimeter and some information about cheap DIY stackable banana plugs.

This is meter is not sold widely I think, for the cost of a UT61E you get less accurate multimeter but it has functions to measure RPM and Dwell degree which makes a good multimeter to use in a garage if you work old classic cars.

This time I tried to shorten the review, so had to leave out couple tests, let me know what you think please.

Good review and to the point. I think because it is an automotive meter that it should have been shown at least measuring the automotive functions, tach at least.

You called the routed out parts of the boards "spark gaps" but that term is actually used for a component that has a specific breakdown voltage to add input protection. What you were referring to were the routed out sections of the circuit board to increase flash over protection should there be and overload condition. In any case it is rather ironic that the automotive meter seems to have much better input protection than the UT61E!

Thanks for the very nice review and the multiple mentions of me and my eBay store! I very much appreciate it!  :-+

Lightages, Thanks for the tips, some things just flip out of my mouth as English is my third language indeed I meant the gaps for ark jumping over at high voltages.  You are right about in car measurement but it was night here and I can’t measure Dwell position in my car because it doesn’t have it and that is the most important part of the multimeter actually, I can’t seem to find time for my hobbies lately because of my work so I took the video at night.

Franky, you deserve the kind words, I can’t mention enough how helpful you are upon my questions, thanks again :)


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