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Drieg - Awesome help.
« on: July 23, 2013, 04:23:36 pm »
Hi all,

A bit of good news regarding the yellow/blue screen scenario on my DS2072 scope.. Some of you may remember this from my posting in the Sniffing the Rigol's internal I2C bus thread as I initially thought that this may have been related in some way to testing option serials etc.

Firstly though I would just like to say a massive.. THANK YOU :-+, to EEVBlog member drieg from Silcon Electronics. Who sorted this out for me.

The issue only started to rear it's head over the past few weeks or so when my new'ish DS2072 started to misbehave. Firstly (more on a cold boot,) it would show the  rather worrying corrupt yellow/blue screen. Now thinking that this may have possibly been something to do with all the fiddling etc I'd been doing with option codes, I posted it in the earlier mentioned thread for some advice.

Not long afterwards another very helpful member Wim13 (Thanks Wim :-+) contacted me and mentioned that drieg may be able to help with this. So off I trotted into the PM area and sent off a message explaining the problem.

After a couple of emails back and fourth with drieg kindly pondering over the problem, he got back to me with the news that this was likely a BGA contact issue, especially as he'd had similar BGA type issues on a DS4 series scope.

So.. Last week I posted the motherboard off to drieg, and within a week or so, I had a brand new warranty replacement motherboard returned, ready to be fitted into my scope, the board was also pre-programmed with my faulty boards serial number, and MAC address so that there would be no communication issues etc.

Now all is well again :)

Thanks again very much indeed drieg for your help and awesome service.

Kind Regards

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Re: Drieg - Awesome help.
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2013, 07:27:48 pm »
I also bought my DS2072 to Silcon Electronics, and all perfect.
I recommend this shop, also is an RIGOL authorized distributor:

  Silcon Electronics s.r.o.
  L. Janacka 912
  50601 Jicin
  Tel: +420 722 320 408

Thank Drieg!  :)

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