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Rigol 2000 series with logic analyser ! (DS2000D)


I playing with my rigol ds2072 and look what i found :

probably the company it's going to lunches a new series as you can see with a logic analyser !  :)

Makes sense.
Haven't got my 2000 yet, how is it?
A review for us?  ;)

The Rigol ARB and SpecAnalyser are on the Fedex truck...


I've searched all over the net and did not find the Rigol DS2000 series with built-in LA. This is probably a misprint?


Or, they have not yet decided to go to the market with it.

There doesn't appear to be any way to input digital signals into the unit anyway, not even a depopulated port, so it would probably be a different board revision altogether.

Well, it apparently doesn't have the means to accept digital signals as you pointed out. Hopefully, there maybe someone here smart enough to hack it to the bigger BW and memory and all the other options as they are fully built in and only need to be software activated. With lots of followings this may just be the case like the Rigol 1052E but maybe Rigol had learn from that. Or maybe they are pulling the same scheme to sell more of these since Rigol knew about the hack for the 1052E and just did nothing about it for a very long time. Who knows, with others getting on board on with this dso it may be once again hackable with this new line of the 2000 series. Rigol may again be "caught with their pants down again" as Dave would like to say it.


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