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Rigol 4000 - Probe connector information
« on: January 03, 2016, 01:20:42 pm »
I have recently purchased a Pintek PA622 current probe for my MSO4014. It needs power the battery is a nuisance as is an external supply. However the active probe connections on the 4000 series look like an alternative source of power. It would also be nice to fully ID the probe to the DSO but that is probably pushing my luck. I can already set the attenuation factor on Pin4.

Checking the connector there are 7 pins ( numbering left to right):
1) +5V
2) ???
3) ???
4) ID signal (connected to standard single pin probe pickup)
5) ???
6) 0V (earth)
7) -5V

Looking at the manuals on the RP7150 & the T2R1000 the +/- 5V should be able to deliver 150mA and there is also a +/- 15V @ 150 mA ( unless the T2R1000 generates this internally which seems unlikely).
So how do you turn on the +/- 15V presumably the T2R1000 does it. Anyone know how?

I really don't want to generate the +9V @ 80 mA the current probe takes from +/-5V. Possible but I risk introducing noise.

I have already made a socket to pick up the signals fron the 4000.
I have also mapped the ID pin probe types against resistance. I will provide further details on this if there is any interest.

Any info on this interface?


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