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Rigol DG Frequency Display Convention???

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Electro Fan:
What's up with the decimal point location and all the following 0s and commas and two more 0s in the Frequency display line on the Rigol DG generators?  This is just one example, but other videos show the same thing:

It looks like it says Freq 2.000,000,000,00 MHz

How are you supposed to be able to read that at a glance?

Maybe this is a convention used in some country other than the U.S.?  Maybe it's adjustable with a preference setting?

Why not show 2 MHz or 2.000 MHz or 2,000 KHz or 2,000,000 Hz or 2,000,000.000 Hz, etc?

I can see adding 3 zeros to the right of the decimal point if you want to see thousandths of Hz on a MHz signal, but why not put the commas (and a decimal point) where they belong and show 6 zeros to the left of the decimal point if you are trying to display MHz?

This should be a preference setting like in an Excel spreadsheet - pick your format and the number of digits you want displayed, no?

PS, and maybe the line that is selected could be shown with a change in color or be reversed out (with a background highlight) rather than being designated by a micro dot?

The DG models look like great products but these two User Interface issues might be good enhancements; maybe it's something that could be done with a firmware update?

The only difference In convention I know about is the use of a "comma" sign for a decimal point where most English speaking countries use a "full stop" sign,or a proper "point" sign (mid level on the numbers).

The display as shown doesn't make sense in either system.

2.00000000000 MHz would be standard, and 2.000 000 000 00 MHz is also quite common, so I can see why they'd also use the comma there. 2.00000000000 MHz is easier to read at a glance than 2,000,000.00000 Hz in my opinion (have to count groups of zeros), and just 2 MHz would give less resolution. What would you display if is was 1 mHz higher?

Why not 123.000'000'000'000 as we do in italy?

I have a DG4000 and a Rigol DMM DM3068 both came with this default settings.
Both can be customised in the settings (to your own need, no ' though) but you have to make sure it saves the last settings (every time) and loads it at start-up otherwise it's reset to default again.

But true having a decimal point and space for grouping would be a much better choice for a default setting.


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