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Rigol DG2102 - UI bugs

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Most of the problems reported here had been introduced with the 2.06 firmware. With the previous version, there simply wasn't an option to change the digits with the encoder while in the numerical entry mask (which makes sense). Moreover, als had been discussed in the DG800/900 topic, Rigol broke the built-in arbitrary waveforms selection big time with the recent firmware. That's why I prefer to use the 2.05 firmware on my DG800(+). The few improvements that Rev 2.06 (esp. Amplitude modulation level setting scheme) is a bad trade for the additional bugs that come with it IMO.

About the output buttons causing to leave the numeric input menu one may have different thoughts. There's also a good argument for Rigol's approach: The numeric input menu is left but the output status isn't changed so the user can actually check (all of) the entered parameters before enabling the output.

Other manufacturers's AWGs also aren't without their flaws and bugs, actually I consider the DG800/900/2000 series (at least with F/W 2.05) one of the better and more conveniently usable instruments... YMMV  ;)

Edit: If someone needs F/W 2.05, it's available here for the next week...

Using knob would be absolutely fine. If done right.
Guess that what happens when people not using devices like that get to code UI for those.

Yes, but that is already implemented in the parameters screen. Use the encoder to highlight the parameter to change, press the encoder to activate parameter change mode, use the arrows to select the digit to change and turn the encoder to increment/decrement it. The changed value gets activated directly. And the count rate of the digits is fairly fast, no comparison to the change rate in the keypad entry screen. I simply don't see the need for the incremental encoder to work in the keypad entry screen.


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