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Rigol DHO800/900 Oscilloscope Bug Reports + Firmware

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As requested, this a thread for posting of and discussion of bugs on the Rigol DHO800/900 Oscilloscope, and firmware updates.
No other discussion please, there are other threads for that:
General discussion:

Thank you Dave. :-+

Here the mentioned posts:

--- Quote from: Serg65536 ---It's hard to move and analyze signal.
Or is my scope broken?
--- End quote ---

Would be good if someone else can test it, with any luck my DHO will arrive this week.

This bug is reproducible, and I'm preparing the new video.
1 Set timebase 500ms/div
2 Move the trigger to the start of capture < 10%
3 Do a single capture of some signal
4 Explore the signal, move around, decrease timebase to the limit
5 Return to 1s/div timebase, turn On the Vernier, fine tune timebase, and waveform should dissapear.
(I'm not sure what steps are necessary and what could be omitted).
Old bug report:

Here is the new catch of the waveform disappear bug :)

The easy way to reproduce the bug. Rigol DHO804 DHO800 oscilloscope waveform disappear in stop mode:

Press Default, set roll mode OFF, change trigger level to some reasonable level, 500 ms/div, 200 mV/div, do SINGLE waveform capture.
When capture is done, change horizontal to 1 s/div, enable Vernier (press horizontal nob), change horizontal to 1.2, 1.3 s/div.


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