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Rigol DM3068 sceenprint .Net + general SCPI



Based on this basic example for .Net I started to change/build a new Application.

This will show you the LCD screen on your PC every time you press the refresh button.
I also updated everything else a bit. (default commands, text output format changed a bit.)

I asked Rigol if it was possible to get the LCD matrix data and they said they had no such GUI software, only via ultrasigma.
But UltraSigma was able to do it so there is a command for it (not documented for DM3068)
I tried the same command as in their scope documentation :DISPlay:DATA? and this worked :)

The next-step maybe is to put a instrument photo in the background and make the buttons work based on mouse position :)  Maybe this type of app should be done in an App for an android tablet if possible.

Note: continuous refresh doesn't really work, if you press the picture it will do it for like 6 seconds. (I limited it) but it freezes the controls during that time and I'm not really sure how to fix that without making it very complicated with threads, I'm not a programmer :)

edit code update, save screenshot to png added.
edit code update, stores not rounded .xdat values to .csv
edit code update, continuously refresh works now. (click image), save format changed to .gif


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