Author Topic: Very nice accessory probe kit from UEI.  (Read 521 times)

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Very nice accessory probe kit from UEI.
« on: September 29, 2018, 04:04:47 pm »

UEi Test Instruments ATL301KIT Electrical Test Lead Kit.  I paid 28.77 US for the kit on Amazon. 

This works with the 121MW meter.
This kit is a slightly larger scale than would be ideal for some electronic work.  Remote grabber clips would be helpful in electronics.  The long insulated part of the grabber would be great for reaching within a system, past things you don't wish to risk a short with.  If you ever need to connect to a cardiac pacemaker in vivo, these would be perfect. :-)  The length might be a little troublesome in some cases.  The probes have only a short tip, without a removable sleeve. The "Hilt" or guard is bigger and makes them safer around high voltages.  The clips are up to the task of clipping anything, but especially higher gauge or a bus bar.

I am pretty sure the leads are Silicone. They are CATIV.   With a connector at the meter and at the end probe, attenuation is about double that of the leads that came with the 121GW.

Many of the measurements the 121MW is capable of require a third lead.  This is a good choice for that and especially where lethal voltages are involved.

The styling is similar to that of the UEI leads shipped with my 121MW.  The pouch is purpose designed for the kit.
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