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Title: Rigol DS 2000 upgrade codes-am I missing something
Post by: Titan 4380 on July 26, 2017, 11:13:32 am
Being a bit of a Rigol junkie, I purchased a DS2072 and upgraded it to a DS2302 using RigolBildschirmkopie to get the mem dump and then rigup to extract the upgrade codes. While reading through this forum, I came across lot of posts where users were trying to unsuccessfully upgrade their scopes using Riglol-103x. Out of curiosity, I uninstalled all of the options on my scope and tried to use the Riglol web app to generate new codes. None of the codes worked and I keep getting the error "license is unavailable". Below is a list of the codes as provided by Rigup which work wonderfully. It appears that you can enter any 4 digit device option code into the Riglol web app and it will still produce a series of codes (that don't work);
Rigup codes from my scopes memory dump;
NSEH:  8KBRBBH-Q9BFYBY-T5BKQYB-6VC67VM    All options, no bandwidth upgrade
NSER:  HQEBNFRGES5XB5MVMWMND5EG948M    All options, bandwidth 100 MHz
NSEQ:  SNC368R67YCJ3X-HYBDQ2Q-QN8BBVM    All options, bandwidth 200 MHz
NS8H:  KRXUWUV-N8MDK4E-5GERZWV-DJ5QL5M    All options, bandwidth 300 MHz

Why are the riglol device option codes so different from what rigup displays?
I am looking at the purchase of a DS4000 series and I was hoping to use the Riglol web app to upgrade the scope, so getting an answer on this is pretty important to me.