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Rigol DS 2072 noise problem

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Hi, before i start i must warning you, my english may hurt your eyes ! :P
Today i get in my hands the brand new rigol ds2072 , i love it ! 8) ... forrrr ... aboutttt 40 minutes and then i discovery ...  bugs and problems!! i mean whaaatt ?? i play with it only 40 minutes !  :'(

So let's begin, the first bug it is about the usb host , well if you open the scope with the usb stich already inside, there is not mount it , not even unplug it and plug again.  the solution is to open the scope without the usb stick and then plug in , not a big deal but steal annoying to plug an unplug the usb device all the time. I really want it all the time in so i can take print screen and save waves .  RIGOL FIXX IT !

The second problem is what i see spikes even if i don't have connect the probes and that really piss me off , so i take some pics , maybe you can help me with this one.

with probe:

a closer look:

touching the tip:

a closer look:

with out probe:

and the screen:

close put not touching:

and the screen:


zoom in:


I tried to close any other device in the room (including light bulbs ) i move it to another room but noting ...  seem the problem to be the inside psu ....

so i decide to make a "self calibration", i wait to finish and when it start up, not only there is no have fix it the problem but the expire all the trial version module who i have !! the scope come fully unlock (56Mpts i2c spi ....)  for limited time (about 30 hours) ... all gone without even taste it .. :o

next problem is ... well .. i try to measure the noise of the onboard regulator (5v) of my arduino and the give me AC sine with 38volts peak to peak ?!??!??!whhhhhhhhhhaaaatt ? i check my probe i check the configuration in the scope and i get my uni-t 61e to check it ! the uni-t give all most 5v with 10mv peak to peak,  i try to get a pic right now and it's reading correctly , soo what going on ???????

next ... this is not exactly a problem... this is a epic fail from the rigol with love :
so i tried to install the drivers for this scope , i put in the cd and the only thing who i see is the manual and a readme.txt
with this inside:

Setup Explanation:
1??Download the USB driver from NI website-"NIVISAruntime.msi".
2??Execute "NIVISAruntime.msi" to install the driver program.
3??Execute and install the application software.

well very convenient , a cd with a txt in it who tells you to download the software ... i mean yeah this what the cd meant for ..

so if you can help me with the spikes :)
I open the scope in the morning and it's working fine !! and the next night the doing the same !! so clearly something happening at the night !!


Take it to frends home and try to make sure there is nothing in the home that may cause that.

It looks like a nice scope...comparable in specs if not slightly better than the DSOX2002 from Agilent for cheaper $$$.

The noise does seem very consistent...I am with you that it is coming from internal and not external.  I will be interested in hearing the solution.

Hi playfsx

No idea about spikes.... sorry..
But seems You are the first one hire with hands on Rigol DS2000 series...
I would love to hear anything good or bad  regarding this scope.


It's nice scope yes , but well i don't like the software , it can make it a lot better, for example  the fft is pretty poor and really want to use that future ... im going to make a video review for this scope when i found the problem, so mabe that help you decide if worth the money or not :)
so to the problem now,
im gone try to another home tomorrow, but i don't this it going to change anything.. The only thin make me believe that is internal the problem is the freq. of the signal, is 100hz double the ac freq. in my home so probably is some bridge that it's double the freq. but why in day working correctly  ?  and why when im touch it the amplitude is going crazy, i mean 5v p-p is too much!


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