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Electro Static Voltmeter
« on: September 11, 2020, 08:13:19 pm »
I just made a fun purchase on ebay - a Voltmeter for static electricity (to check what static you're carrying):
At RS it is an eye-watering £478:
So when I saw one on ebay for £15 I thought it was worth a punt but didn't expect it to work very well.

It arrived today, I tried touching the sensor myself and only registered zero volts so thought it was probably broken - but then I thought to apply my Fluke 1507 insulation tester and it works surprisingly well:
Fluke Voltage  Measured
56V  50V
111V 110V
277V 270V
527V 530V
1053V 1060V
See attached photos

Incidentally the test date inside the battery apartment is 22/12/03 so it is almost 17 years old.
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