Author Topic: Rigol DS1054z oscilloscope, show all its settings as a whole (at same time)  (Read 555 times)

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I have a Rigol DS1054z oscilloscope, since some time ago.

Is there is a way to make it show all its settings as a whole
(and obviously at the same time) on its own screen,
like a summary of them all ?

(I know nearly all settings  - if not, in fact, all of them -  are shown through Ultrascope
but I'm not talking about that solution)

I´m asking this because, some times, we are seeing wrong measurements results
due to inadequate settings that we aren't we aware because, many of them, are not
shown around the main screen .

Thanks in advance,

Miguel Garcia


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No. You could use SCPI and a command like :SYSTem:SETup? or query all of the individual settings.
Best to load Default settings on the oscilloscope then set up whatever required measurement settings are needed (either manually or via SCPI script).

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