Author Topic: Rigol DS1054Z Pass/Fail Aux Pulse Output not working for me  (Read 320 times)

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Hello, first time poster and electronics beginner after a career in software...anyway...  Bought some lab test equipment including Rigol DS1054Z.  I have a simple waveform coming in on CH1.  Enabled the Pass/Fail functionality and created a mask that reflects a proper waveform range I want to see.  When the waveform gets wonky and goes outside the mask the Rigol correctly detects it and updates the Fail/Pass/Total statistics accordingly.  I know I have the mask proper because the stats are working perfectly.  I then enabled the Aux Out for the Pass/Fail, which according to the scope documentation is to output a "negative pulse" whenever there is a fail condition triggered.  I connected a BNC cable from the Rigol's trigger out on the back of the unit to another piece of test equipment to simply count the failures.  But the output line always just measures 0v.  So to debug this I just looped the Trigger Out BNC to CH4 on the same Rigol scope, and sure enough the signal just stays flat at 0v even during a fail condition, there is never a "negative pulse" being output.  I'm sure I'm just doing something wrong, but can't figure it out.  Any pointers is appreciated.  The attached picture shows the failed waveform (CH1) and the supposed Pass/Fail Aux Out (CH4) using a BNC cable from the back of the unit around to the front.

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