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Agilent E7495A
« on: March 06, 2017, 10:08:57 am »
Got one of these recently for $470. Pretty good deal imo.  :-DMM

GPS seems pretty insensitive, other u-blox based GPS units I have easily blow this away. I never got a full lock inside my house - it never progresses beyond yellow triangle and 5 satellites. Also interesting that it doesn't update the date/time either even with partial lock.

Signal generator is limited to >=375mhz. A bit disappointing. I guess not as disappointing as the fact the generator wont do anything except CW and CDMA/GSM/EVDO. No straight FM or AM or sideband, lol.   :-//

Does anyone know how to disable the T1 analyzer, short of opening it up and disconnecting it? It sits there for around 90 seconds on bootup just initializing the T1 analyzer -- pretty annoying.

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