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Title: Rigol DS1054Z voltage error fixed by autocal
Post by: Lorenzo_1 on July 10, 2020, 09:43:17 pm
DS1054Z I use from time to time showed a 0.16V positive displacement on one channel relative to another.  I was probing what should have been single node b/n op-amp and transistor with probes either end of PCB trace. Difference was ca 10% of node voltage - see ch2/3 lines in photo.  Scope was warm/stable. Was showing identical waveforms but vertical displacement on one. Checked measurement on LeCroy using same probes and discrepancy not there. So I ran autocal from utilities menu on Rigol for first time in some months and the channel difference resolved itself nicely.

Reported only because I was surprised at the size of the interchannel error - my first reaction was to think it might be real and perhaps related to bad socket connection on the opamp. Looks like more regular autocal might be needed to keep things sweet - or perhaps there’s an issue looming?