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Title: RIGOL DS1054Z WformSaving Problems
Post by: hpxref on October 12, 2016, 04:45:39 am
Hi all
I have a new 1054Z bought from Emona, but cant use most of it as no CD came with it , so have no instructions on how to use it.
I have been unable to download any thing more than a few kbits from the inet due to ongoing problems with corroded phone lines  and have had the Telsta techs out here a lot , who temporary fix things (so I can get a dial tone at at least) , but download speeds are always way down with many drop outs.
which  inst the fault of the Telstra  techs as Tesltra has no plans on replacing copper here or of putting in fibre n the foreseeable future
email is not so bad, but large file downloads here seem impossible.
This should  not to be taken as a diatribe against Telstra, but just  an explanation of why I need help operating my 1054Z

I bought tthis CRO after seeing Daves videos and of other EEVBLOG replies and noted thatDaves video clearly showed a CD being taken out of the Rigol box at the time.
I contacted EMONA about the lack of a CD and received an answer that Rigol does not supply CD.s , but I have to upload the manual and other software from Rigols site....which I cant downoad for reasons above.
The EMONA  guy (Aug 16th) then said he would send me a CD for which I thanked him , but have received nothing from them
So there a couple of queries:
Title: Re: RIGOL DS1054Z WformSaving Problems
Post by: tautech on October 12, 2016, 06:17:04 am
Good on you for naming and shaming the company that has provided no after sales sevrice.
That they're are also a Rigol factory authorised distributor is a poor show.

Sorry to hear you have such bad DSL too which makes it impossible for you to move on despite the poor service.
You really need to use a neighbours or family members internet connection for a short while, the CD's entire contents is probably no more than 100Mb. Don't forget to take a USB stick or a blank CD with you.  ;)
Title: Re: RIGOL DS1054Z WformSaving Problems
Post by: bitseeker on October 12, 2016, 05:40:24 pm
Hi hpxref,

Welcome to the forum. As tautech said, hopefully you can visit someone with a good connection to download the desired files.

Meanwhile, what questions or problems did you have with regard to saving waveforms? It looks like your message was interrupted just as you were starting with #1.
Title: Re: RIGOL DS1054Z WformSaving Problems
Post by: bitseeker on October 12, 2016, 11:24:44 pm
I see that you've started another thread on this. Putting a link to the complete post in case anyone else arrives here.

Go to (
Title: Re: RIGOL DS1054Z WformSaving Problems
Post by: Mechatrommer on October 13, 2016, 01:48:31 am
do i need the CD? i never open the CD that came with it... if you ask specific question, everybody can help you here, most of the functions are as easy as straight road, except if you want to do some programming with it.
edit: i did open the CD, just to make a copy to my PC for backup, iirc the only file i opened is programming guide...
Title: Re: RIGOL DS1054Z WformSaving Problems
Post by: Fungus on October 13, 2016, 09:57:31 am
The software on the Rigol CD is about the useful as the software that comes with Inkjet Printers. They're not much different in that regard.

If you let the CD anywhere near your PC you'll lose a lot of disk space for very little gain. Much better to go to the Printer manufacturer's website and download just the bare driver.

(or in the Rigol's case, just the latest firmware and the PDF of the manual)

Everything else on the CD is junk. You're better off with a copy of putty/telnet.