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Rigol DS1102e or Hantek DSO5102p
« on: November 08, 2019, 07:49:02 pm »
I am an engineering student and I am in the class of digital systems and microprocessors. In class they make us make various projects based on basic electronics, memory, family 74ls and later work with some PIC.

For me it is not possible to go as frequently as I would like to the university to be able to use the material that is in the laboratories( Agilent 54621a ) and I am thinking of setting up a "mini laboratory", at home with a tight budget. So you can advance in the projects more easily.

My question arises when choosing a suitable oscilloscope, because I don't have much money to spend. They offer me a Rigol DS1102e for about € 175 ($ 200) and I also have the opportunity to buy the Hantek dso5102p for about € 200 ($ 225).

Observing the datasheets I see that they are products with similar characteristics, the only thing that in my opinion differentiates them is the screen where the hantek is better (7 "vs 5.6"), and I understand that the quality in general that I think Rigol should be above . As for memory I think they are also similar.

I have been going around for days and I do not finish deciding and that is why I wanted to ask in the forum, where you have much more knowledge than me.

Thank you very much in advance!

pd I have seen a similar question here but I have not taken anything in particular regarding the two that I quote. (

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