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Title: Rigol DS1202Z-E / DS1000Z network password problem
Post by: duckduck on June 11, 2020, 07:27:01 pm
Recently bought a Rigol DS1202Z-E as a first scope. I'm a computer geek into security so I figure I would change the network password (when you access the device over the network using the built-in web server) from the default password of "111111". Do not do this. This had two effects on my scope: (1) This immediately disables DHCP (get the scope's IP address from the network) which sets the IP address to the autoconfigured 169.x.x.x which means that you must re-enable DHCP using the buttons on the scope Utility > IO Setting > LAN Conf. > Configure, etc. (2) It changed the password to God-knows-what, and now neither "111111" nor the password that I changed it to (I copy and paste from a PW utility so no chance of fat-fingering) will work.  |O I assume that changing the network password is not part of UAT / the test plan after making changes to the firmware. I'm off to contact Rigol support. I'll post the outcome.

Title: Re: Rigol DS1202Z-E / DS1000Z network password problem
Post by: duckduck on June 12, 2020, 12:46:03 am
Rigol support replied quickly.

Hi <duckduck>,

You should be able to set the password back to the default password by performing the following operation.

Press Utility -> IO Setting -> LAN Conf. -> Initialize.


<Rigol support>

I tried this and it worked. Not satisfied with leaving the default password, I changed the password to another 6-digit number and this time I got a "Successful" message, which I didn't get last time when I tried to change the password to 9 alpha characters. Don't tell me that the internal web server isn't doing input sanitization and the unexpected chars were written somewhere they shouldn't have been because the code is crap and everything runs as root? Hey, look, it's another network-connected instrument / industrial  device with buggy/insecure network code. "I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!" Oh, well, I got my local problem resolved and my feathers are unruffled again.