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Rigol DS2000 vs DS4000

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So I am thinking of purchasing a new oscilloscope (right now I have the DS1102E) and I am considering the DS4024, which is a 4-channel, 200MHz, 4GSa/s DSO with 110,000 updates/sec and 140M memory points. I am also considering the DS2202, which is a 2-channel, 200MHz, 2GSa/s DSO with 14M memory points (upgradeable to 56M) and 50,000 updates/sec.

I am willing to pay the extra money for the DS4024 if it's worth it, but I wanted to get your guys' feedbakck first. I heard someone say teh noise floor on the DS4000-series is higher than the DS2000-series; any comments? Also, one thing that I never understood is sample rate... doesn't this only need to be twice the bandwith (400MSa/s for 200MHz)? How would 4GSa/s benefit over 2GSa/s with the same bandwidth?

Thanks in advance for your comments!

If you need 4 channels then, of course, there's no choice. I find myself needing more than 2 channels so frequently that I wouldn't even consider a 2 channel scope - which is a shame because the 2000 series does look to be considerably better value spec for spec than the 4000. Of the models you've mentioned, the 4024 is nearly twice the price of the 2202.

I also wouldn't spend too much time worrying about the noise floor. I've rarely if ever found myself trying to measure a signal that gets lost in the scope noise, and been unable to improve the signal with averaging, high resolution mode or some other technique. Noise is also a function of bandwidth, and when people compare noise between scopes they don't always do so over equal bandwidths.

At 200 MHz you really won't see that much difference between 2GSa/s and 4GSa/s. Don't worry about it. The higher sample rate is useful on the higher bandwidth models available in the 4000 series, though.

I had a demo of a 4054 last year and really liked it.

I would not buy the DS4000. It is not cheap! For the same price you can probably get a decent Agilent DSOX2000 or so.

With only 2 channels on the DS2000 series and a (not so) old 'scope you could use the Trigger out from the DS2202 wired into the Ext Trig on your DS1102E. So then when looking at something like SPI you could put the SPCK and MOSI into the DS2000 then put the MISO and CSn into your DS1102E. The SPI trigger would be set up on the DS2202, of course. The downside is you get to see MISO but it won't be decoded (and its sample buffer will be much less). Obviously you could do the same sort of thing with a 4 channel DS4000 if 4 channels wasn't enough :-)

The DS2000 series is a little more recent than the DS4000 and might have some advantages (other than lower noise floor which Rigol do note) that Rigol do not want to advertise as that might eat into the DS4000 market. If Rigol ever come out with new firmware for the DS2000, it will be interesting to see if any new features are exposed.

Thanks for the info. I guess I just don't want to move one step up from my current DSO; I would like this to be the last scope I'll ever need to purchase (at least for a decade). With the 56Mpnt option, the DS2022 will cost $2k, so I figure I might as well spend the extra $800 to get a 4-channel scope with over twice the memory depth and update rate. However, I may just wait until the next generation of scopes to come out if the DS2000 wins in other areas since it's newer.


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