Author Topic: Rigol DS2000A - CH1/CH2 difference in noise and mechanical vibration sensibility  (Read 1478 times)

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Hi all,
I'm playing around and testing with my new DS2072A scope.

Someone other than me, has noticed different sensibility to noise and mechanical vibration between CH1 and CH2?

I found out by trying to connect two 50 Ohm terminator to the inputs.
CH1 got some spikes with terminator attached, CH2 near-no difference.

Without terminators:

With terminators:

Another strange behaviour I've noticed is a big difference in sensibility to mechanical vibration between CH1 and CH2.

Tapping front panel:

Closing top handle:

Not a big issue, but strange, not?

I've also noticed a slight positive DC offset (about 0.2div) on CH1, even after auto-cal run.


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