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Hi all...
Due to the total lack of reviews of the DS2000 series of scopes online I thought I would give reviewing a crack... :)

I'm currently a student studying Electrical Engineering and approaching the pointy end of my course,
I thought it was high time to "graduate" from my father's 20MHz analogue scope and get my own...
I started out looking online at the Rigol DS1052, also discovering the DS2072 but unwilling to spend the dough...
Knowing that the DS1052 was very liked in reviews, on this forum and I'd used them at university, all be the 200MHz version.
So I was tossing up between the Rigol and the Atten ADS1062CAL... I liked the Atten because of it's larger screen, having experienced that menus covered almost half of the screen.
I eventually pulled the trigger Olympic pun... :) and got the Atten, got home, turned it on... and it had a faulty power supply :( not to dissimilar to the issue playfsx on the formums has/had with their scope...

Called up the shop and took it back, they connected it up to a Rigol DG4102 and the interference continued...
So they were quite apologetic and were willing to replace it with another Atten, until I asked what they thought about the DS2072 and if they were willing to let me play with one...
First impression WOW, not just for me but the shop owner, it was the first time either of us has seen one operating, the quality of the display make the Atten's look like dirt...
And as they say the rest is history...

/*Review - I think...
The Rigol DS2072 is a 2 channel DSO 2GSa/s clocking in at 70MHz, I got mine here in Australia at for $839 + GST
They were a delight to buy from, as can be seen by the comments above...

It came double boxed with a English user manual, 2x 300MHz passive 1-10x probes, Australian power cable, USB cable and a CD
The first thing I noticed about the device was it's weight at 4.8kg, it's solid, double the Atten's 2.4kg.
Second was the quality of the screen at 8" 800x480 its massave and very clear to read.
The scope is a pleasure to use, the GUI is straight forward and with enough button presses the basics can easily be nutted out...
And for the more advanced aspects the user manual is quite comprehensive

And now for some images :)

An example of the low noise level of the scope

Connecting the channel 1 probe up to the 1kHz test point and pressing AUTO I got

Displaying all of the waveforms summaries

Some summaries at the bottom

Raising edge of the square wave

FFT of the Square wave

Other math operations available

The scope has an internal recording ability to take snap shots of a waveform and review them one at a time

I connectedthe TX from an Arduino to the scope and used it's ability to decode RS232

Although unfortunately these functions have a limited life and require more $$$ to keep them

And the time counts down weather you are using the function or not...

So that's about all... the DS2072 is a wonderful scope and money well spent :)

Nice, i haven't really seen snapshots of internal operations before
but 1 thing is striking me,
What's this mythical "Attan" ADS1062CAL?

Hi JimmySte

Seems that You have very nice scope there...
From my side any DS2000 series infos are more than welcome...

As for me 
If You could investigate bit more FFT functionality :D,
Please run again Your FFT test but with dBVrms and markers ON.
Not sure if You have Signal Generator to run some more tests but If You could run similar test as mine: we could hopefully have some comparison against DS1052E and bet that could be very interesting to many.


Hi Jimmy,

Thanks a lot for your review! As you know from my other post, I'm also considering buying this scope and your review is very helpful. It looks very good.
Is there any aspect that you think could be improved in the scope?


Seriously, I really don't understand why anyone would buy the DS2000 scopes? I'm not saying they're bad, but they're far more expenive than the DS1102E, which is almost as good, and for not much more than the DS2000-series, you can get a DS4000-series, which is FAR superior!

Am I missing something?


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