Author Topic: Rigol DS2072A Not Powering Up  (Read 1239 times)

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Rigol DS2072A Not Powering Up
« on: January 17, 2015, 06:00:26 am »

About 6 months back I got a Rigol DS2072A and immediately hacked it. It worked with no issues for a few months, after which I did not have time to use it much.

Today, I go to power up the scope (the green LED on the power button is pulsing on/off) but the scope would not turn on. Before I take the screwdriver to it to start debugging, I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience with their scope.

I can't imagine anything past the power button is broken, maybe the soft switch is not making good contact, as the power supply seems to be lighting up the LED.


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