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RIGOL DSG3030 radio-frequency signal source

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I found this piece of test gear online: and it looks very attractive to me. Unfortunately I have not owned any RIGOL hardware and not very experienced with RF signal generators as well. It looks too cheap to me for 3GHz. Comparable to USED Agilent with same upper range it is still cheap. I wonder what is the catch?

I see people on forum talk about RIGOL test equipment so I wonder if anyone own one of these?

It's probably a decent instrument. Rigol isn't considered to be quite as good quality as the top-tier brands like Tek and Agilent, but they're not too far off and miles ahead of most of the east asian competition. Generally good build quality and user interface; have a look at Dave's video on the DS2000 series scopes for an idea of what their current-gen stuff is like. There are also some good videos around YouTube on their spec-ans, arbs etc. Everything I've seen online appears to have been well designed and well made.

This model looks be fairly new and Chinese-market only (so far) so I'm not sure you'll find any reviews outside of perhaps some of the Chinese test equipment forums (they do seem to love their test equipment over there).

You're still taking a risk and probably won't get warranty support if something goes wrong like you would with something from the big boys for 5x the cost, but chances are it's a solid piece of kit.

difference between 3030 and 3060 is 10 times ?


--- Quote from: crt on July 25, 2013, 05:04:05 am ---difference between 3030 and 3060 is 10 times ?

--- End quote ---
Yes, I noticed this too. Kind of made me suspicious more than anything else.



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