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Rigol HDO1000 and HDO4000 12bit oscilloscopes launched in China

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I will receive mine in 2-3 days. I will inform here if the optical encoders have the same issue or not.

It seems that the BF promotion was extended 'till the end of the year, but not for all of them.
1072 was removed from the list and 1102 is listed with "normal" price.

Prices are the same here in Canada but some models are not in stock for immediate shipment.

--- Quote from: TurboTom on December 01, 2023, 04:11:29 pm ---While the timebase adjustments work more or less correctly on my black-friday DHO1000, the input sensitivity encoder works okay when turning clockwise, in the counterclockwise direction it frequently skips an increment between two detents and changes the value by two increments upon the next detent.

--- End quote ---

I can't reproduce the same issue, you are talking about turning the V/mV dial counter clockwise right?
I had one time where it detented and I didn't see a value change, but that was after about 10 turns back and forth with seemingly normal behavior, and may have been my imagination. If I speed turn the dial either direction there is no obvious odd behavior.

The only minor thing I noticed is if you are already at 500uV and turn the dial to go lower, the waveform will clear and sometimes glitch with spikes, though there won't be a trigger off of them. The previous mso5000 would pop up "over limit", this one doesn't which is fine.

My DHO1074 was delivered, ordered from

firmware : 02.04
hardware : 2
build : 2022/12/14
calibration date : 2023/3/28

The offer include the free RLU-01 option, but is not activated, and in the box there is no key for it. I asked them by email, until now I have no reaction.

The encoders are working "almost" fine. Sometime the behavior is like TurboTom said ... it skip some detents and the next is "doubled". But for me the timebase is the problem, the input sensitivity is OK. Can't be reproduced all the time, and not the same detent. I hope that is a problem of software.
I will update the firmware and will see.

Just got mine 1072 from
Hardware 9
Firmware 2.04

Options unlocked, Upgraded to 2.12
Noise 200Mhz inputs shorted, DC 1ms/div 2GSa/s 100Mpts 1mV/div:
575uVpp  105uV ACRMS  normal mode
375uVpp  58uV ACRMS  14-bit mode (50MHz BW)
296uVpp  26uV ACRMS  16 bit mode (25MHz BW)

Noise 20Mhz inputs shorted, DC 1ms/div 2GSa/s 100Mpts  1mV/div:
262uVpp  23uV ACRMS  normal mode
238uVpp  21uV ACRMS  14-bit mode (50MHz BW) this is what scope writes, looks incorrect because BW is already 20Mhz
222uVpp  19uV ACRMS  16 bit mode (25MHz BW) this is what scope writes, looks incorrect because BW is already 20Mhz

Dave's setting from the video
Noise 200Mhz inputs shorted, DC 1ms/div 50MSa/s 1Mpts 1mV/div:
661uVpp  69uV ACRMS  normal mode
252uVpp  28uV ACRMS  14-bit mode (1.25MHz BW)
192uVpp  22uV ACRMS  16 bit mode (625kHz BW)

Noise 20Mhz inputs shorted, DC 1ms/div 50MSa/s 1Mpts 1mV/div:
237uVpp  24uV ACRMS  normal mode
108uVpp  12uV ACRMS  14-bit mode (1.25MHz BW)
90uVpp  10uV ACRMS  16 bit mode (625KHz BW)

The scope is not grounded,  after I connected the ground the noise values not changed.


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