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Rigol Image Burn (DP832A Triple Power Supply)

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I just received a used DP832A that supposedly was in "Good Condition" but has significant screen burn in.  See pic below.  It was calibrated in summer of 22.  Just a bit older than a new DP832A I already had (based on serial number).  The burn-in is pretty significant and is of the "Normal" display option.  I use the "Classic" display.   I also noticed a constant white wash flicker.  It's bad regardless of display settings (brightness, contrast etc) and included a pic against my newer one with the same settings.  However, even looking closer at my new one, it looks like it is starting to suffer the same issue.  I wonder if anyone experienced a similar problem with their equipment?  I have mostly Siglent of which get a lot more use and have not noticed any burn in.
Edit:  The burnin issue is the second pic.
Edit 2: I added another pic to show how washed out it looks from the top (but page displays the same thumbnail???) So you may have to click to view it correctly.

Looks like they used an OLED screen in which case there's not much you can do except replace it.

That's a defective LCD, maybe a bad contact somewhere, the image shouldn't look like an interlaced TV raster.  If that's only remaining burns shadow, I think there is a screen saver feature, but I never used it.  Mine doesn't show any remnant shadows, though it's used only rarely, for hobby projects, was never left on for more than a few days continuously.


--- Quote from: Fungus on June 08, 2023, 02:35:00 am ---Looks like they used an OLED screen

--- End quote ---
LOL no.

The shadow burn is the screen from the last user that used "Normal" mode for display.  It's now burned in regardless of what is displayed.  I am seeing my newer Rigol unit is starting to do the same after only maybe 50-100 hours of use.  It's subtle and you would not see it unless you look for it.  But given that the "burn in" is already started, I assume that it will get worse to the point of the used but "very good" condition of the other Rigol.  Yes it has a screen saver and I just enabled it across all my Rigol equipment.  I see it on the two DP832A's (one very faintly) but not on the DP821A or the DL3021 yet, although they should have more hours of use.


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