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Rigol Scope Software Time Limit?

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--- Quote from: Martin72 on December 06, 2022, 11:23:11 am ---

--- Quote ---Most modern oscilloscopes come this way.
--- End quote ---

Except Siglent.
You got for every option 30 days trial time, it´s decreasing only when you really use the option.
Example you try power analyzer option then you got 29 days left.
It stays on 29 days even when you got the scope for a year or longer until you use the option again.
Same for the other options.

--- End quote ---
Correction if I may.
Not 30 days but 30 free trial uses for all options before requiring purchase of permanent licensing.

If you want you can use up all 30 trial uses in 30 seconds ....hopefully most users are smarter than that.
Analyzers are different and provide 120hrs free option run time, that is all options are active for three 5 day 8hr weeks

Siglent SW is free to download, install and use in perpetuity.

Sorry ;D
Had 30 days in my mind because of the number - Me I always see "permanent" .8)


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