Author Topic: R&S RTB2004 70MHz with almost all options for 2k€ (Batronix, Education)  (Read 329 times)

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Hi everyone,

Batronix seems to have a new education (!) bundle for the RTB2000 series. It includes
RTB2002/RTB2004 70 MHz bandwidth
RTB-K15 – History & Segmented Mem.
RTB-K36 – Freq. Response Analysis
RTB-B6 – function generator

It misses the logic analyzer and the bandwith upgrade(s).

Price: 1380€ (2 Chn) or 2080€ (4 Chn) incl. 16% VAT. That's even "cheaper" than the base price without any options for those models (1520/2320€).


Kind regards,
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Technically these don't launch until November 1st, but since there is a thread on them...  ;D

A few more details (some specific to the US - like the 20% EDU discount):

RTB2002EDU:  $1,490.  After the 20% EDU discount they will be ~$1,195
RTB2004EDU:  $2,240.  After the 20% EDU discount they will be ~$1,795
RTC1002EDU:  $1,125.  After the 20% EDU discount they will be $900.

As mentioned, they all include PK1 (all serial decode/trigger options, history mode, bode, AWG).  Base bandwidth.  While the MSO cable is not included, moving forward, we'll be enabling MSO in all our scopes - you will still need to purchase the probe (same cost), but now they can be moved between scopes.  Not that big of a change for an individual user, but for a teaching lab it will be a huge improvement (they can buy say five MSO cables, keep them in a drawer and then hand them out to a bench as needed). 

One other tidbit (and this might be specific to the US/Canada - not sure it's available in other countries) - we allow students access to the EDU discount.  They only need to supply one of our distribution partners a copy of a valid student ID. 

Let me know if there are other questions.

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