Author Topic: R&S RTB2004 - Possible to change Vertical scale for all channels simultaneously?  (Read 224 times)

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Hi all:

I have a R&S RTB2004 which  I am very happy with :-+  Everything works intuitively via the touch screen.

There are a few things I can't quite figure out though:

1) If I previously changed the vertical scale for all the channels to be different from one another - and later I want to reset them back to the same scale, is there a way to do that simultaneously ? (without going to each channel and doing it individually, 4 separate times)

2) Is there a way to fluctuate between 2 traces if they are right on top of each other ? IE, if two square waves on two channels are exactly the same, one hides the other completely (unless I change the vertical scale/position for one of them). It would be nice if the 'scope fluctuated between showing one trace more strongly than another and back again, so both can be seen easily at the same vertical setting.

PS: if this is a beginner question, the apologies posting in here - please let me know and I'll move it to the Beginner forum.
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This may not meet your needs, but if you add the 'Save setup/ Load setup' functions to the tool bar, it  takes just two taps on 'Load setup' to restore all channels to their saved settings.

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