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Tektronix 465 calibrator
« on: Yesterday at 05:16:15 pm »
Hi All
       New to the site, and hoping someone can help with this tektronix 465 I have recently purchased.
This is my first oscilloscope, which I need for repairing some ham radio gear.  I plugged it in and all seemed well, attached probe to calibrator and chan 1 I get two horizontal lines, on chan 2 I get a sine wave, but it is very jagged un- smoothed, all the way along trace,would this be a problem with a duff cap?
Any help would be most welcome
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Re: Tektronix 465 calibrator
« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 06:48:26 pm »
You're going to need to post some pictures, including one that shows how all of the controls are configured. The calibrator should give you a square wave, on an analog scope you will mostly see the top and bottom edges. If you're seeing two continuous horizontal lines that suggests that the scope is not triggering. These instruments require some expertise to set up and use properly and my first suspect is user error. A good start is to read the manual from front to back and learn what all of the controls do.

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Re: Tektronix 465 calibrator
« Reply #2 on: Yesterday at 08:34:56 pm »
Two horizontal lines also could indicate unsynchronized square wave display.  Put the triggering into AUTO mode and the channel you are viewing and turn the sweep speed control slowly over its range and you should find a few positions where a square wave is displayed.

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Re: Tektronix 465 calibrator
« Reply #3 on: Today at 03:59:51 am »
Trigger to AUTO as Bob said, trigger source to channel 1. Then twiddle the horizontal control till you find the right sweep speed. For the calibrator signal, this will be fairly slow (microseconds/div). As for channel 2, sounds like a probe compensation issue maybe? You'll need a non inductive tool to adjust the little trimmer for low frequency compensation (usually on the box that plugs into the scope, but there's exceptions) till you get a nice flat square wave.

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